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I love Jesus Christ and devote my life to following Him. I'm madly in love with my husband jon. I'm the mother of the most perfect babies in the world. I'm a Senior Sales Associate at my beloved Anthropologie. I'm a reader, thinker, lover, believer and traveler. I'd trade in the chicago skyline for the pacific coast any day. i love a good vino. i love my books. i'm creative as creativity goes but always wanted to be a painter. i prefer letter writing over emailing. And I always try to be a kinder person.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

As a parent, your children become life! Alivia is our beautiful little creation and there is nothing more gratifing to Jon and I then to pour our lives into her. 

However, its important not to forget yourself. Every morning I wake up to Alivia calling out to me to get her from her crib. We get ready for day, have breakfast, play play play, eat lunch, play a little more, nap, play some more, eat dinner, play more and go to bed. This is our typical day at home. After I got settled into motherhood, I decided that it was important not to lose myself to motherhood, but rather...incorporate motherhood into who I already was. I knew that no matter what, I could love the things I loved and do the things I did while still being and becoming a mom. This meant that no matter what, Alivia would be doing life with us. She'd get use to taking road trips, going shopping, being social and adjusting to a irregular schedule. Thankfully, all adjustments have been effortless. 

But I'm realizing more and more that while I'm maintaining me and becoming a mother more and more each day, I most definitely don't allow myself to grow as an individual. My interests are the same, my hobbies are the same, my life is the same...and I wonder if perhaps the "becoming mom" part of my life has slowed down the rest of me. What's funny is that I haven't even been aware of it...and the thought of change seems impossible, but exciting...and new. I want to start something different. I want to explore the new routes of this new life. The past 16 months I've been strictly I think I'm ready to maintain mom...and try something new. Not only will I become a better woman, but I believe I will become a better mother.

What better way to teach my daughter to become a strong independent woman, then to work on becoming one myself?


Leanne said...

Nice post, Lindsey.

I think I've lost a bit of myself in the process of finding meaningful employment. I think I'm on the upswing but there were months there when life was a struggle. Yes, it is important to be a good mother to Alivia. But it is also important to have date nights with Jon and shopping excursions for that girly side of you! {I'll babysit. Call me}

I am excited to meet you for lunch next week...

Lindsey Lindstrom said...

Thanks Leanne! Yes, we have to take care of ourselves. It in no way disqualifies the other parts of our lives, but enhances them :) The better we are to ourselves, the better we are to those around us...

vana chupp said... nailed it...right on!
I feel that way too...every day. I used to feel if I ever wanted to do more with my time, i wouldn't be a good enough mother to Nikolas...but now that i work and have my own business, i think it made me realize that we are made to do all. It's just a matter of knowing how to balance it...Lindsey, i really enjoy reading your blog.

Alyssa said...

That was a very honest post, lindsey. I think it is so important to say these things aloud and take it on! You have a huge support group to encourage you onward:)