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I love Jesus Christ and devote my life to following Him. I'm madly in love with my husband jon. I'm the mother of the most perfect babies in the world. I'm a Senior Sales Associate at my beloved Anthropologie. I'm a reader, thinker, lover, believer and traveler. I'd trade in the chicago skyline for the pacific coast any day. i love a good vino. i love my books. i'm creative as creativity goes but always wanted to be a painter. i prefer letter writing over emailing. And I always try to be a kinder person.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Quiet week

Yesterday, my sweet husband recommended that we not go on any social networks or play any games on our iPhones for the entire week, so that we'd be able to spend more time focusing on what this week is about...the great sacrifice our Lord made for us.

This is a tough challenge for me. I'm a very social person, and being a stay at home mom, my daily social outlet is often connecting with friends on facebook or Twitter. On days when I'm out with friends, I'm usually never on a social network...but I like to be connected socially, at all one way or another.

On the other side, I've always felt a heavy weight to make sure my family and I celebrate the holy holidays the way they are intended to be celebrated. I hate that the birth of our most holy savior is over shadowed by Santa and reindeer at Christmas time...and I feel an urgency to reject the Easter bunny so my daughter understands that Easter is so much more than candy eggs and ham. With this said, I'm fighting against my social human nature to ensure that this week, we remember.

I'll be focusing on Christ's sacrifice. I'll be focusing on the resurrection. I'll be investing in teaching Alivia what it means when she tells people that "Jesus is alive".

Understand good Friday...celebrate His resurrection. Blessings to you, my friends.