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I love Jesus Christ and devote my life to following Him. I'm madly in love with my husband jon. I'm the mother of the most perfect babies in the world. I'm a Senior Sales Associate at my beloved Anthropologie. I'm a reader, thinker, lover, believer and traveler. I'd trade in the chicago skyline for the pacific coast any day. i love a good vino. i love my books. i'm creative as creativity goes but always wanted to be a painter. i prefer letter writing over emailing. And I always try to be a kinder person.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Refocusing Fall...

I love fall. Its my favorite time of year...minus the gray sky and rainy days. Recently I took my sweet Alivia out for a Fall photo shoot. I've never gotten her pictures taken professionally, so for the time being, we'll settle with our digital camera photo shoots in the back yard :)

Our life lately has been a bit of a whirlwind. Our weeks are absolutely stocked with commitments, which are all wonderful, but most certainly overwhelming at times.

Whenever life gets like this...almost so busy that you can't see the really important stuff that exists underneath all the busy stuff...I spend a good week or two refocusing. Refocusing on my husband, the love of my life. Refocusing on being a mother to my beautiful baby. Refocusing on my relationship with the Lord. Refocusing on my family and friendships. Its terribly important to reconnect with what's important. While a busy schedule has its rewards, it should never take precedence over what matters most.

I try really hard not to spread myself too thin...and when I feel like I really am, something has to go. In order to let something go, it is absolutely imperative to have your priorities straight. SIDE NOTE: In my opinion, essentials should rarely be priorities. Yes, we all have to work to stay alive...but never let a job trump your relationships. There is great freedom in being able to define your priorities. Its says a lot about yourself to know what's important, and not let anything come in the way of that. Its actually quite liberating :-)

So this is the season in my life where I am doing just that. Refocusing...setting my priorities. With the whirlwind we are currently living in, keeping our footing is terribly necessary. I'm thinking about and planning for our future...which thankfully, looks very, very bright :)