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Sunday, June 7, 2009

kill your television

Yesterday, Jon put away our television.

We've made this decision for a variety of reasons, most importantly that its been interfering with our time together. How easy it is to put on the TV when you are bored...nothing seems better than to sit and be brainless for a few hours. But in the midst of the simple act, things in our home have been sacrificed. When Alivia plays in the living room, she'll stop any time the TV is on, regardless of what is on, and watch. It is a constant disturbance of her playtime...something I dread will cause her to become one of those LAZY kids.

Then there are our beloved weekday evenings together. We don't have many in the Lindstrom home...and every single night we spend our time staring at the TV, making little interaction with one another that is at all meaningful, when really, we would both prefer something meaningful. We eat dinner in front of the TV, we spend all free time in front of the is ruining our home.

Both Jon and I dream of a life full of books, magazines, articles, long conversations, walks every evening, finding events in the area to do together, visits to Chicago, using our time to honor God...all these things taking the place of brainless activity.

I have a dear college friend named Leanne. I absolutely adore her blog and the way she lives her life. She is so creative, always thinking up something new, taking day trips I'd never even think of and just living. Her blog is full of her adventures and ventures and I always look forward to reading it with hopes that it will inspire me to do the same. Finally, without mindless distraction eating away every free moment of my life...I hope to do much of what she does with her days :)

I have no doubt this change will take some effort. I'm already having a little withdrawal...but I know its for the good. I know this will be one less thing keeping me from living my life, from living our life. Most importantly, I have faith that this act will improve our marriage, improve us as parents, improve our quality of life and bring us closer to the truth of God's purpose for us here. I'm sincerely looking forward to it.


Leanne said...

Interesting b/w image.

Good for you on putting away the television!! It's summertime in Chicago and that means CRAP on TV anyways so you'll have more time to soak in some family adventures! I used to zone out in front of the television in the evenings- esp. during the chill of winter. But then Brad got me this laptop- via Noah- and now I feel a bit more balanced. I love to read blogs. I enjoy research {because I'm a nerd- ha!}. I work on professional development. Our TV doesn't work too well and we're too cheap to purchase a new one. Soooo, we spend time on the computer, play board games, work on art projects, etc. I like to research cheap/free activities in Chicago {for Brad and I in addition to my nanny kiddos}. I like to take walks in the evenings... and call a friend in the process.

You'll have to update your blog on how you'll fill your "free time" sans television...

Awww, thanks for the little note in your post by the way. You're so sweet. Call me up... send an email... let's go on an adventure, yo! We still need to play at the park and have a picnic... hint hint.


Hi to Jon.
Hi to Liv.

Alyssa said...

wow. wow. wow. you go lindstroms! I think this is such a cool act of discipline. you will be happier :)

Rebecca said...

yay!!! and good luck! :-)