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Monday, October 24, 2011

Hello Anthropologie :)

This summer was a rough one. Financially we were expecting more money, and ended up with less. I was "let go" of my hours at The Music Room for economic reasons, and things were looking pretty crappy. Jon and I had been overcome by the reality of our financial position...but instead of letting it "take the throne" in our lives...we chose to have faith that all this was happening for a reason.

God is good. We know that for sure.

I needed a job. Anthropologie held open interviews last week, and after pining over my interview outfit, I went in to see if I'd fit the bill. Being in there, talking to the manager and employees, just being around their all felt right. My interview went really well. Something I've learned over the years is that there is no use pretending to be something you aren't when you interview for a new job. Let yourself be you and pray that "you" is exactly what they are looking for. They said they'd get back to each of us within the week. My week came and went, and on Sunday, I called in eager to find out if I was the lucky pick.

I got the job.

I was practically screaming on the phone...the excitement was not containable! I got the job. I am working at anthropologie. I get to work with their product...the beautiful clothes, the amazing accessories, the sophisticated home goods. I get to help women choose outfits using the most beautiful and timeless clothing to choose from. I. AM. THRILLED.

I understand that having a job is a necessity for most (duh), but my position has always been that its just as important to LOVE what you do as it is to have a job in the first place. My 12 years working at The Music Room has taught me so much about people and retail. I am beyond thankful for all I've learned, because now I get to take my knowledge and pair it with my passion. This is going to be a good ride :) Praise the Lord for His faithfulness!!

With all this said...I thought I'd share a few of my favorite anthro looks :) Enjoy my friends...and come visit me.


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Skinny Jeans Mom said...

Congrats to you, and yes, finding something you love to do is worth more than what any other job could pay. =)