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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Becoming a morning person

My mom was always a morning person. I'd often wake up and find her in a quiet room, sitting on a comfy chair, drinking her coffee and reading her bible. In fact even though my parents are now empty nesters (and have been for some time), she still does that. There was always something about it that I loved. Maybe it was the reliability of wanting to be by her when I woke up and always knowing where she was. Maybe it was how quiet and still our home always was...before every one woke up and began their day. I loved the feeling of mornings in my house.

As I'm getting older, I have more of a desire to start these sort of regularities in my own home. There was a morning a few weeks back when Judah woke up before anyone else. Him and I went outside on our deck and took in the morning air. He played in his saucer and I read a book in my chair. Neighbors walked by and chatted about the beautiful weather...and eventually my sweet husband came out with coffee in hand. I loved the feeling of being a morning person that day. I felt refreshed by watching the day wake up and taking in how still and quiet everything was.

Of course, not every day has turned out like this. I'm usually exhausted in the morning and only wake up because my kids wake me up. But the prospect of becoming this person appeals to me. One day my kids won't want to wake up, and I'll have those quiet mornings (hopefully to enjoy with my love) before our kids wake up...or rather, before I wake them up :-)

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