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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

my not-so-private vote

I began this election year making my choice for president very obvious. I debated for him, I fought for him, and then I realized how much I hated arguing with friends and loved ones about an opinion we are all entitled to. 

After a few months of this, I decided to keep my vote private. There were a few who knew, many who know me well enough to figure it out, but for the most part...many didn't know, and wouldn't know until I decided to share. I voted last week, after doing my homework. I looked at every issue, watched every debate, listened to many opposing opinions...heck, I even took more then second look at the other candidate. I dug deep inside of myself and thought about what was important to me...what was important for my family...for our country. 

So today...ELECTION DAY 2008...I decided to come out with it. I've chosen Barack Obama for President of the United States. What I still intend to keep private are the reasons for my vote, but I will say this...I think it takes realizing that one human being can't save this fallen human being can't bring world human being can't save the human race from ruining ourselves. But what one human being can do is make a difference, if even a small one...perhaps not in every issue I believe in, but then again, I don't believe its the president's responsibility to do much of what our community thinks he should.  

I would be naive to vote with the expectation that whoever does become president will magically make everything right. But I do believe in taking a risk...taking a chance for change...and I believe that while McCain might be right for some, Obama is right for me. Right for me, right now. 

While I respect your opinions, I'd rather not hear what you think about my vote. If you'd like to share yours, please feel free. I'm keeping the peace this election year...something I'm not normally accustomed to. 

With all of this matter who you choose, for whatever reasons you might Vote for whomever you like...but vote.

happy election day.


Leanne said...

Nice post, Lindsey.

Alyssa said...

Eloquently written, my friend:)