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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Starbucks, Urban Outfitters, Walmart, Target and your beliefs

I've been wanting to write a post like this for awhile. Its controversial, but so am I. I truly mean no ill-will...but frankly its my blog and I'll write what I want! Grateful for that freedom.

There are few things that irritate me more than corporations getting all tangled up in controversial beliefs. "Don't shop at Starbucks because they support gay marriage"
"Don't shop at urban because one CEO is against gay marriage"
"Don't shop here because of this, don't shop there because of that."

Starbucks sells coffee. I love coffee. Therefore I will buy coffee there.

Urban Outfitters, Anthro and Free People sell my favorite clothes. I love them. They employee me. I will shop there.

I COULD CARELESS WHAT THEY BELIEVE OR DON'T BELIEVE...and no...I don't think my $4 Iced Grande White Chocolate Mocha will help make gay marriage legal. I don't think the Anthro dress I'm wearing helped support laws against gay marriage. I think the lawmakers we put in office will determine the law no matter what coffee I buy or clothes I wear.

AND FRANKLY, I sorta think people who believe that their purchases help are gullible and stupid. No offense ;)

Call me naive, call me the stupid one. But it drives me nuts.

If you have your panties in a bunch over an issue, then go be proactive about it. Go actually work to make a difference or change instead of whining about a company that suddenly doesn't agree with your beliefs. And it should be said that while your stomping your boots, try practicing a little kindness, encouragement and love. Hatefulness accomplishes nothing.

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