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Friday, February 3, 2012

The truth about me and social networks

I hate them. I hate Facebook. I hate twitter. I hate them because they consume my time and they effect my emotions. Other people's snarky comments, bad days or hateful remarks become my snarky comments, bad days and hateful remarks. It brings out the worst in me. It's useless...and it's completely destroying the way one human being should communicate with another human being.

So why am I on it??

That's the question, isn't it!? Why, if I hate something so much, do I still allow myself to be completely obsessed with it? Why do I fill my time with curiosity of other people's useless business?

When I was in elementary school, I remember my mom telling me that my teachers always wrote "social butterfly" on my report card. It was true. I'm an extrovert in every way a person can be an extrovert. I love conversing, I love being with people, I love being social. It is so totally a fiber of my being. But just like there are negatives to being introverted, there are negatives to being extroverted networks are a good example of one of the negatives.

I am obsessed with my social networks because it's just that: social. I am a stay at home mom with two kids. I rarely do the amount of socializing I'd like to do with fellow adults on a day to day basis. Without some kind of adult social reaction...I literally start melting.

So, the convenience of my social networks is what keeps me on them. It's not nearly fast enough for me...and it most certainly doesn't satisfy my need to fulfill my social butterfly status. I could call people, but, well...those social networks have ruined the way people communicate with one another...talking on the phone is a thing of the past. Unfortunately.

So here I am. Every day I teeter with the idea of shutting down shop and taking an extended break from social network hell...and every day I chicken out. Heaven forbid I be out of the loop...and yet there is something blissfully satisfying about the idea!

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