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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Stay at home mom: january 28th

Woke up to my four year old using me as her lazy boy recliner.

Went to get my son out of his crib, only to find a major poop blow out.

Change diaper.
Change sheets.
Start a load of laundry.

Make breakfast.
Eat breakfast.
Clean breakfast.
Clean mess left from yesterday.

Change laundry.
Fold laundry.
Put away.
Change another dirty diaper.

Make lunch.
Eat lunch.
Clean lunch.

Change another dirty diaper.
Put baby down for a nap.
Get four year old a snack (cuz she didn't eat her lunch).

Lay down for ten minutes.

Change laundry.
Fold laundry.
Put laundry away.

Clean bathroom.
Clean bedroom.

Get baby from nap.
Change another dirty diaper.

Get kids dressed to run errands.
Run errands.
Get Starbucks because I deserve it.

Get home.
Make dinner.
Eat dinner.
Clean dinner.

Change laundry.
Fold laundry.
Put away laundry.

Clean house from the day's mess.
Clean kid's room.

Give kids a snack.

Change laundry.
Fold laundry.
Put away laundry.

Put kids to bed.
Finally rest. Well...until the laundry needs to be changed again.

This was my day today. Mid-day, my hands were bleeding because both my kids have diarrhea and I washed my hands after changing or helping them in the bathroom. I also didn't mention that in the midst of the to do's...I disciplined two children, cuddled when necessary, played when I had the chance and lost my patience on more than one occasion.

Serenity now?? How people raise babies without Jesus...I'll never know!


Natalie said...

...rinse and repeat daily for about 20 years! Love it Lindsey! :)

Kristen said...

so true. love poop stories so that i don't feel alone. thank you jesus we have each other and HIM! xo