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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Try it're beautiful too!

I work at Anthropologie and one of the many blessings I get from working there is helping women feel beautiful in the clothes we sell.

The other day, there was a group of five or so women who walked in. Most of the group was probably between sizes 8-10...but one girl was curvy and more likely a size 16-18. I was working the front of the store and overheard her talking to her girlfriends about what a blessing it was that none of the clothes at anthro fit her. Being a curvy girl myself, I knew she was saying that to cover the crappy feeling of being "excluded" size wise from this beautiful shop. It's the nature of being a plus sized woman.

Alas, I work at Anthropologie. I wear Anthropologie's fact, it's the only place I ever want to spend my money. Do the pants fit? Nope...but lots of pants from other stores fit, and there are all kinds of shapes and sizes in anthro...many larges that fit like an XL...many beautiful things that even us plus size girls can fall in love with.

I wanted to grab that girl and tell her to give me an hour. Give me an hour and I will show you that you aren't excluded...that your size is GORGEOUS...and that Anthropologie has room for curves. I wanted to tell her to try everything on...because many things in the store look more beautiful on a curvy girl than a petite one.

More than proving a point about Anthro, I really wanted her to love herself, if even for a minute. I'm learning more and more that critiquing myself for being a curvy woman does nothing but harm myself and the girls around me. I'm learning that I don't question the beauty of the nature God created, so why would I ever question how beautiful I am? We are His masterpiece!

So to my curvy readers out there...this post is for you (and me, because I'm curvy too!). Try it on. Spend time on yourself. Don't let a size limit at a store dictate your self worth. And if you don't believe me, come spend an hour at my anthro and let me show you how beautiful you are :-)

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