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Monday, May 23, 2011

BLESSED to serve my God...

I serve as a Small Group Leader for Harvest Bible Chapel's high school ministry. It is one of the greatest blessings in my life...watching my group of girls learn what it means to love God and live for Christ...there is absolutely nothing like it.

As most adults know, high school students can be challenging. But I think what most don't know, is that they can also be revolutionary. I've had the honor of leading some amazing girls for the last two years...and I'm even more excited about the next two years. Many of the groups in our ministry have consistency in their student attendance. Our group...not so much. In the beginning, this was insanely discouraging to me. Was it something I was doing? Was I not a good leader? Did the girls hate me? How did I get put with the most challenging group? I was incredibly discouraged by it...considered quitting...not leading these girls since, compared to the other groups, mine paled in comparison (as far as attendance was concerned).

What I've learned this year is something pretty unbelievable. Its not about me. And out of my inconsistent group of beautiful, intelligent, AMAZING girls...if just one graduates as a God fearing, Jesus following, Lover of the leadership was worth it all. At the completion of this year, I'm seeing this EXACT thing come to fruition. I feel like a proud mom...watching these hearts become more dedicated...more refined...more mature. To say its a blessing is an understatement.

So though, from the outside, my small group may look tiny on some weeks...what's happening in our tiny conversations is anything but. And the work that the Lord is doing in some of those hearts would AMAZE you! I feel honored to be a leader in this ministry. You've never seen a high school group like this...these kids are unbelievable...the preaching unparalleled...the worship is mind blowing. I feel undeserving of it...but so HONORED to be a part of it.

This year may have committed me to HSM for a lifetime. Praying that this summer and next year be even more fruitful.


Jon Lindstrom said...

Awesome words my dear. Awesome.

The MacDonalds said...

so glad you chose to stick it out. to God be the glory. love you sister:)