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Thursday, June 17, 2010

More waiting

I'm now three days overdue. On one hand, it feels amazing to just let this process happen. On the other hand it is terribly hard to wait.

I'm learning why so many mothers decide to schedule csections and get induced. If you were miserably uncomfortable with anything, and a doctor offered you an option for relief, you'd take it! I think women are applying this to childbirth these days...and the blame isn't all on mom, but the doctor who turns pregnancy into a condition to be treated instead of a natural process of life. It feels amazing to allow this natural process of life to take place without intervention, but like I mentioned before, there is nothing easy about the waiting.

I've been contracting on and off for the last three weeks. Imagine if you will, feeling those contractions and praying that it's time, only to have them die down EVERY time. Yesterday I had mild contractions from 6p until about 10:30p...then I fell asleep. I was so hoping they meant something big. Who wouldn't while feeling contractions at 40+ weeks?? I'm working really hard not to get discouraged by this...I'm working really hard not to get discouraged by the other moms I know who are having their babies before me...because they chose induction and i didn't.

I need to remind myself that I'm on a different path...

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